UG Instructional Complex 

UG Instructional Complex 

Area totalling approximately 141,000 sq. ft.

Construction of this block will help IISc in the following aspects:
– Increase current under-graduate program strength from 130 to 300 over time since the current
infrastructure is insufficient to accommodate this increase.

– Help to scale the new B.Tech. program in Math & Computing (launched in August 2022)

– Benefit close to 1000 students every year and more importantly rejuvenate the undergraduate program
at IISc.

Funding Opportunities

Total funding required: $9.2 M USD

Concept Diagrams

Why IISc?

Global trends indicate the future of healthcare depends on the convergence of diverse areas, including Genomic Science, Bioimaging, Nanotechnology, and AI/ML.IISc is a leader that has expertise in all these areas of study. Hence IISc is uniquely positioned to pioneer interdisciplinary clinical research of the kind envisaged in India.

About IISc

IISc, being a premier research institute in India for over 110 years, has 45 research departments & centres, producing over 2902 PhDs and over 56,456 research papers, over 537 faculty and 100/100 citations per faculty, provides an ample opportunity for engaging on many initiatives

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