IISc Graduate Medical School

IISc Graduate Medical School

IISc’s Graduate Medical School is the newest initiative the Institute has undertaken. Computer science, artificial intelligence, NanoEngineering, Machine Learning and many other such subjects are required in addition to traditional biological sciences to address complex problems faced in healthcare.

The MD-PhD integrated dual degree programme will train students in translational research, give them a chance to understand the nuances of clinical problems and garner the required knowledge to work on new solutions. Concurrently, the MD/MS PG programme aims to provide comprehensive clinical training to MBBS graduates.

Funding Opportunities

We would like to request funding for the following specialities of the hospital. These wings will be named after the donors perpetually and will include funding the equipment in these clinical departments. The budget for these specialities is given in the Annexure. The Annexure also lists other facilities for which we require funding. In particular, the Clinical and Translation Centre will house all the research labs and other facilities to enable high-impact clinical and translation research. This centre will be named after the donor in perpetuity.

In addition, we require 57 endowed Chair Professorships. These will also be named after the donors in perpetuity. Each Chair Professorship requires an endowment between $600,000 to $250,000. Similarly, we require 10 Visiting Chair Professorships, each requiring an endowment of $500,000. Finally, we are seeking endowments to fund student stipends for 30 meritorious students and to fund internships for 30 of the best students to spend a few months in the best medical schools abroad. 

C) Visiting Chair Professorship Endowment (10) 

An endowment of $500,000 for funding one Visiting Chair Professorship 

D) Student Stipend Endowment (30)

An endowment of $350,000 for funding stipend for one graduate medical student 

E) Student Internship Endowment (30)

An endowment of $400,000 for funding one student internship in medical schools abroad 

Note: All endowments will be named after the respective donors in perpetuity.

To know more about the project, visit https://medicine.iisc.ac.in/.

Why IISc?

Global trends indicate the future of healthcare depends on the convergence of diverse areas, including Genomic Science, Bioimaging, Nanotechnology, and AI/ML.IISc is a leader that has expertise in all these areas of study. Hence IISc is uniquely positioned to pioneer interdisciplinary clinical research of the kind envisaged in India.

About IISc

IISc, being a premier research institute in India for over 110 years, has 45 research departments & centres, producing over 2902 PhDs and over 56,456 research papers, over 537 faculty and 100/100 citations per faculty, provides an ample opportunity for engaging on many initiatives

To know more about the project, visit https://medicine.iisc.ac.in/.

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